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SGC Mainewood's Kira

Color: Tortie (f)
Date of birth: 29.10.2010

Mainewood's Kira

ira is a unique girl with fantastic temper, type and colour. She came from our friend's cattery Mainewood and she was not planned at all as her colour is not my favourite by no means. But when I saw her for the first time at the age of 3 weeks Ive immediately fallen in love with this big, fluffy girl with broad muzzle and such a nice expression.

ira has everything I need in a Maine Coon: really huge size, extra strong boning, long coat of perfect texture, very typed head with broad muzzle, perfect profile, wonderful forehead, strong chin and expression of real Maine Coon, very wild and angry. And at the same time she is probable the most kind and friendly girl in the house. She is ready to be friends and to play with everybody she meets and she purrs as soon as I touch her. Kira is absolutely fearless girl, she doesnt afraid of hair-dryer and even vacuum cleaner.

ut nobody is perfect, Kira is a real destroyer of our house, she is so playful and naughty that I always know what was the reason of the horrible roar in the next room, without doubt its Kira who explored the house and was looking for something else which can be destroyed. Well, in any case we love Kira to pieces and dont have enough words to express our gratitude to Anna, owner of Mainewood cattery and breeder of this stunning girl.

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