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GIC (FIFe), TGC (TICA) Yowie's Mr. Puurrfect (Purr)
26.05.2008 - 01.10.2010

Yowie's Mr. Puurrfect

urr was the boy we were waiting with great impatience but who stayed with us for such a short time. All his life he made us happy with his presence as he has the temper which is incredible even for Maine Coon. He was the most gentle, clever intelligent and delicate cat in the world. He adored to lie on our knees and lick the hands, he always prefered to stay among people, he was very kind to other cats and kittens. Purr was the best friend to all new cats who appeared in our house, he always tried to support and help them to settle down and feel comfortable in new place and the most delicate person could envy his delicacy. Purr ate only after other cats and kittens have already eaten, and he always behaved with great dignity.

urr tragically died in October, 2010, he took very significant place in our life and with his leaving emptiness with which nothing can fill was formed.

robably such wonderful cats cannot live among us in this imperfect world for long. We hope now he runs on a rainbow, and he is well. We miss our sweet boy so much