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Forest Pride Ula

Color: Tortie smoke (fs)
Date of birth: 05.09.2011

Forest Pride Ula

la is a unique girl because of many reasons. First, she is our granddaughter, her mother is our offspring Coonung Halldis who lives in Forest Pride cattery and I dreamed from the girl from Halldis and perfect red silver boy Yowies Riching for the Stars from the very beginning.

econd, at least I got the color of my dream – tortie smoke in very nice typed girl, and her color is really stunning.

hird, Ula is very interesting mix of extreme and classic lines and she took the best from both lines. She has very, very long body with very long tail, strong square muzzle with strong chin and real wild look of her grandmother Ruche. And at the same time Ula has fantastic profile with perfect forehead and straight nose line, wonderful coat and good boning especially for smoke girl. And she has very nice temper, very playful, purring, moving and friendly one so she is a real dream came true. Anatoly and Svetlana, many, many thanks for this exceptional girl.

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