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e are Russian breeders of Maine Coons, one of the most remarcable cat breeds, our cattery FIFe and TICA registered and located in Moscow, Russia. We breed to meet the Maine Coon standard, with emphasis on a large, well-boned, healthy cat with a long tail, large square muzzle and big well-placed ears. Also we think that branded wild look and lynx tips are necessary for Maine coons, they beautify these cats and make them unique. Besides Maine Coon is not only appearance but also temper therefore it's very important that our cats were lively and balanced-tempered, non-aggressive and friendly, intelligent and tender. This is the temper that supplement the image of these amazing cats.

here is very hearty family atmosphere in our house, our cats are the real members of our family and we already can't imagine out life without them. They like to take part in all home events and affairs, they are held in our love and respect and have their own opinion which we try to take into consideration. They always come to our bed to say 'Good morning' and prefer to stay near us all day long but at the same time we respect their right to independence and wish to stay alone. Our cats are very cordial and sociable, they easy find common language with other cats and dogs, adults people and children.

he cattery name Coonung came from an ancient Scandinavian word that means "leader", "governor". We decided that it was an ideal name for cattery as when you are looking at these large majestic cats with wild look and the gait of wild beast you understand that there is something kingly in them. Our cattery is rather small and we will never have a lot of litters but all our efforts will always be aimed at breeding the best typed and tempered Maine Coons, as these cats are really wonderful.

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