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We have great news one more torbie girl arrived in our cattery. We are happy to meet bright and purrrfect girl Le Irma Grese from Italian cattery Il Guardiano.

We have nice litter from Olmocabes Paparazzi and Castle Rafaella. This time there are one red tabby and two black boys and four girls one torbie, two tortie and one red tabby. The first pictures of kittens at 3.5 weeks here...

We have new litter from Olmocabes Paparazzi and Castle Rafaella. This time there are 2 red tabby boys and 3 girls, all they are solids and of different colors. And quite unusual that the biggest baby in the litter is cream girl. The first pictures of kittens at 5 weeks here...

We have very nice litter (Olmocabe's Paparazzi and Cats Castle Rafaella), all boys! 4 red boys and a black solid - what exciting time has their mom and we all now! All boys are very big, playful and naughty as usually boys are. The very first pictures of kittens at 5 weeks here...

New photos of Powerfield's daughter at the age of 6 weeks. The girl grows and prettier before our eyes.
Wilhelma >>

After long, long waiting our girl Coogan's Powerfield made a great surprise for us - only one kitten but what a kitten it is! Very big and powerful like her mom, with wonderful coat of bright torbie colour. The girls feels wonderful as she's got a lot of attention and love from all family members. The father is Olmocabe's Paparazzi.
First pictures at 3 weeks...

We have colorful litter from Olmocabes Paparazzi and our wild look girl Cats Castle Rafaella. This time we have 2 boys and 2 girls and at least after many attempts we have red girl. All babies feel wonderful and are looking around, searching the world around them. First pictures of kittens are here...

We have new very promising litter from Ula and Paparazzi. The litter is very colorful, all babies growing well and we are more than happy with these babies. The first pictures of kittens at the age of 5 weeks you can see here...