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RW QGC (TICA), IC (FIFe) Coonung Helt Harald

Color: Brown classic tabby (n22)
Date of birth: 01.05.2010

Coonung Helt Harald

hen Harald was born nobody could have an idea that he would stay in the cattery. He was born the last in very big litter, he had very low weight and in general looked not so good. But from his first days Harald has shown such strong will to live that it became clear very soon - this boy was not going to leave our world in the nearest future. He grew up very fast and soon became leader in the litter havind turned in a large boy with perfect heavy boning, big foot, broad muzzle and strong chin and very beautiful expressive eyes.

arald is very dominant boy, all other cats respect him since he was only 6 months including the girls who considered themselves to be main cats in the house. He hates closed doors, carring bags and everything that limits his freedom. In general he is sure that this world rotates about him and exist only for him. At the same time he is very kind boy who adores people, he is ready to spend all his life on my knees.

arald likes shows as this is the place where people admire him and want to communicate with him, and he loves it perhaps most of all. He is the boy with extraodinary strong personality and we love him to pieces.

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