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Coogans Powerfield (Pasha)

Color: Brown tabby with white (n0922)
Date of birth: 06.03.2012

Coogans Powerfield

his girl was awaited for two long years as we were absolutely impressed by her mother, magnificent Coogan's Sommerfield, ideal typed girl with unique temper, full of majesty. Pashas father Olmocabes Adventure also is our big love so we were ready to wait for a kitten from this couple as long as necessary and were more than happy when one day our dream came true.

asha is the girl who was for sure worth waiting. She has all the best one can meet in good Danish lines very big, with extra strong boning and big paws and very broad chest, she makes impression of absolute power which is more usual for males (her name was given not occasionally I think). Broad muzzle, strong chin and wild look just make this impression stronger.

nd of coarse Pasha has this very special Coogans perfect profile with nice forehead and straight nose line.

asha for sure understands that she is a queen and behaves as she is a queen, but we are not going to argue with it as its true. Already now she can easily lie in majestic Maine Coon pose, looking down from the top for all that jazz but it does not prevent her to be very moving and playful girl when she is in a playful mood.

e have great hopes for this stunning girl and dont have enough words to express our thanks to Pashas breeders Lene and Peter Glem.

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